When it comes to lighting, it is very common to underestimate the importance of a bulb holder.

The bulb holder is nothing but a connecting device that connects the chandelier to the power grid.

There are different types depending on the coupling, voltage and rated current and operating temperature.

The commercially available bulb lenses differ generally depending on the type of lanyard offered, which can be that of the lamp, that of the body, the bonding system, the screw or the snap system.

The bulb holder used for the lighting of buildings is generally standard, therefore suitable for almost all the bulbs available on the market.

Ceramic lamp bulbs are preferred for their best resistance to high temperatures, but they are also available in plastic or metal.

Lampholder: what it is and how to choose it

The bulb holder can work as the support for a single light bulb or made with two or more attachments when multiple lighting sources are needed in one room or serve a specific light beam direction in multiple points.

It is also possible to choose crespuscolar lampholders to be installed for example in showcases or outside of a home which can be programmed based on sunset and sunrise, thus optimizing the cost of electricity while guaranteeing the correct lighting for the space.

The bulb holder can be made in standard tones such as white or black, or coloured in the shades that are most preferred, as it is made of materials such as plastic, metal and ceramic that also easily available in different colours.

Depending on the type of chandeliers you want to install in a home or in a professional space, you can choose low-cost standard lamp bulb or more sophisticated models.

Typically, traditional chandeliers, whether they are suspended or ceiling lamps, have an internal lamp holder that connects to the existing wires that replace the classic bulb holder that is put on by the electrician.

Bulb holders are among the most common lighting accessories and are generally low-cost, starting at around 0.30 euros for a basic type up to around 12.00 – 15.00 euros for the more elaborated and expensive ones.

Bulb holders are affordable devices, but chosen among the most special models, they can replace a chandelier in some rooms. For example, by choosing a coloured lamp holder, we can easily create a lighting source that is even furnished by matching a lamp holder to a fabric-coated cable or other material, leaving the bulb as the only lighting element in the room.